Introducing Drinkware That Changes Color When Rape Drugs Are Present

This is super interesting, with the disclaimer of: It's so very sad that we live in a world where something like this is considered necessary. Blarg, and moving on!


DrinkSavvy, a start-up that's currently seeking funds on Indiegogo, has created a cup that changes appearance from clear to striped red when the drink is spiked with predator drugs. Damn, science, you're a genius.

Since rape drugs tend to be odorless, colorless, and tasteless when they're in your drink, they're nearly impossible to detect — and since it can be difficult to always watch your drink, it could be nice to have a second set of eyes (science eyes!) on your beverage.

DrinkSavvy's goal is to initially make their products available online, while also providing them free to selected rape crisis centers. Long term, DrinkSavvy would like to convince bars, clubs, and other establishments to use their products as an easy way to raise their safety standards.

In addition to expanding geographically, they'd also like to create other products like straws and more drinkware.

It's an intriguing idea, and I look forward to reading more about it. Now, a few questions.

I wonder if the drinkware can test for all of the common predator drugs — from GHB to Rohypnol? And I worry that creepy kitchen chemists will evolve to create new drugs that can't be detected by this technology.

Also, in the above ad (?), Drinksavvy is described as discreet, and I'm not sure what the point of that is. I'd actually prefer if the glass lit up in neon and started screaming "rapist! rapist!" I mean, what's the point of being discreet when some fucker is trying to slip you drugs in hopes of raping you? Perhaps they mean discrete beforehand, and that's definitely good, but I'm guessing if you bust out your own plastic cup at a bar or party, it might be a little weird. Maybe if they worked out a deal with Solo plastic drinking cups, we'd be talking. Or if the glasses became industry standard at bars.


Although, I fear as they become more commonplace, rapists hell bent on raping via drugs would find a way around them. But, I guess that will always be an issue when we're not working on the real problem, and just trying to throw a bandaid on. I know, I know, our reality is such that drugs are slipped into drinks, and that's scary. It's just that it would be very sad if this turns into something where women are blamed for being raped because they didn't use the special glasses. Here's hoping "She didn't use a color-changing straw" doesn't become the new "Did you see how she was dressed?" argument.

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I was always kind of curious about this. if you DO roofie someone, no one will say something when you're dragging some knocked out person out of a bar? how sad.