Intrepid Shopper Unbelievably Catches the Woman Who Stole Her Wallet After Being 'Seized by an Instinct"

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In the ultimate consumer advocacy fantasy, a Brooklyn woman tracked down the thief who went on a shopping spree with her pilfered wallet based solely on quick thinking and intuition.

When 24-year-old Dina Wohlhendler realized her wallet was missing while shopping at Zara in Manhattan, she figured she'd left it at her office. But then she got an alert from Chase that a $211 charge had been made on her debit card at a Midtown Urban Outfitters. Wohlhendler remembered that a new store had recently opened up in the area, so she headed over there to check it out. The cashiers didn't remember anything suspicious, but — much like any worthy protagonist in a movie thriller (this story is like a mashup of Taken and Confessions of a Shopaholic) — Wohlhender didn't let that deter her. Instead, she was "seized by an instinct" (!?!) to walk into a nearby Best Buy, where she saw a woman with an Urban Outfitters shopping bag buying a cell phone. Then, when she walked closer, she saw her own name on the woman's credit card! Here's what happened next, according to Vos Iz Neias:

"I started yelling at her," said Mrs. Wohlhendler. "At first she denied that the card was mine, but then she started yelling at me. She started running away towards the back of the store, but I ran after her, calling for security. She started throwing the merchandise from Urban Outfitters at me, then some cash, then my wallet, screaming ‘here is your stuff back, it is just a mix-up.'"

Best Buy security detained the woman and insisted that the pair wait for police to clarify the matter.

"As we were waiting, she said to me ‘you have your stuff back, this is just a waste of time'", recalled Mrs. Wohlhendler. "Then she took another tack saying, ‘I am Muslim, you are Jewish. You are all greedy, why can't you just let it go?'


The police arrested the woman (pictured above, in a photo taken by Wohlhender before she apprehended her suspect), and Wohlhender got her wallet back. The incident will go down in history as the most successful shopping trip of all time.

Brooklyn Orthodox Woman Tracks Down Pickpocketer, Nabs Thief Redhanded [Vos Iz Neias]

(image via Vos Iz Neias)

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Katie J.M. Baker

I am obsessed with this story. What are the odds that I can catch my own thief someday?