Intrepid New York Reporter Hits On Moddles, Fails Hilariously

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Our brother in blogging Neel Shah performed a tongue-in-cheek experiment that many men have attempted earnestly in the past week: hitting on moddles. Neel went to various fashion week parties and used the worst lines he could think of to see how the various glamazons would react, and the results were hilarious! The best exchange was definitely, "Neel: I have a table at GoldBar. Bottles. Interested? Katja: (pictured at left) Actually I'm married, I have a daughter, and I can buy my own drinks, thank you very much. Bye-bye." AHAHAH BURN!Anyway, Neel's not alone in his quest for women who are, let's say, out of his league. According to a new (no shit) study, "men were less likely than women to think that their own lack of attractiveness - based both on a self assessment and the ratings of others - should stand in the way of a date with someone 'hot,'" MSNBC reports. According to a recent article in Psychological Science, less than perfect men "hedge their bets by asking for more dates. In fact, the men in the study requested a full 240 percent more dates than the women. Researchers didn't look at how many of these online come-ons were successful, but the number of dates most men asked for might be a sign that the less attractive among us - even the men - recognize that they may have to settle for dating someone who is closer to them on the 'hotness' scale." However, some of the grandiose ambitions of schlubby dudes may have to do with what they see on TV and in movies. MSNBC reports, "Leonard Lee, an assistant professor at Columbia's Graduate School of Business, thinks these far-fetched movie and TV couples might explain why unfortunate-looking men tend to hold out such high hopes." But, Lee points out something important: "unattractive guys eventually learn that their chances are slim [with uber hot ladies] regardless of what they see on screen. There's another important finding in the study, he says: The 10s among us, both male and female, want only to date other 10s," MSNBC notes. How Not to Hit On Models: A Primer [NY Mag] Why Guys Go Gor Outta-Their-League Ladies



I don't know how this is going to come out but... I see a LOT of this in Boston. Very attractive women dating dudes I could describe as 'meh'. I realize there are many other things besides looks that should determine who you date but I feel like I see 30 of these mismatched couples for every 1 that makes sense!