Intervention: When Your Family Blames You For Your Rape, Wishes You'd Die Already

On last night's episode, Amy—a twentysomething anorexic/self-mutilator/alcoholic—was having difficulty dealing with her family. They're "fed up" with her "attention seeking"—her sister thinks Amy's date rape was her own fault, and her father secretly wishes she'd kill herself.

What her family didn't know was that Amy was molested as a young child. She kept it a secret for years, and internalized the entire ordeal. She developed an eating disorder not long after the molestation. Years later, she began cutting, and then eventually drinking heavily. Because Amy's been anorexic for so long, her parents chalked her thinness up to genetics, and didn't believe her when she confessed her eating disorder to them, and asked for help.

It's painful watching Amy pick apart her body in the mirror.

Not knowing what else to do, and sick of her behavior, her family finally decided to hold an intervention. At the pre-intervention, they learned that Amy had been molested as a child, and suddenly they understood the source of her pain. As soon as Amy walked in the room, she recognized Candy Finnegan from the show.

Amy went to rehab, and an update two months later showed a much healthier, happier version of herself. She's been sober since July 2009.

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