On last night's episode, Rob-a 35-year-old meth-addicted alcoholic-never gave up his dream of becoming a rock star, even though he never really did anything to achieve it and, according to his family, he kinda sucks at music.

Rob considers himself a singer/songwriter, despite the fact that after 20 plus years of playing music, he's never actually made any money from his "profession." Afraid to "burst his bubble," his family let him believe that he was talented, even though they secretly think he needs to just give it up, get a job, get off drugs, and take care of his daughter. After being in and out of rehab several times over the years, his family staged a "final straw" intervention. Rob agreed to go, got clean, and at the end of the episode, said that he wasn't that attached to the idea of being a rock star anymore, and eventually got a job in construction.