Each subject in each episode of Intervention is troublesome, but the young woman featured on last night's show is fucked up. Her name is Allison, and in addition to anorexia and self-mutilation, she suffers from a huffing addiction of gargantuan proportions, sucking on dust remover like it's a baby bottle (she puts away 8 to 10 of them a day). Allison began abusing the substance as a junior in college (she is in her mid-20s now) as a way of trying to deal with the intense amount of pain caused by molestation as a child, the trial of the alleged molester (for which she had to testify in front of a court filled with people), her parents' divorce, a nasty custody battle, and her eventual abandonment by her father. She ends up going to rehab in the end, but only after her cats are taken away by the Humane Society and she's put in the psych ward. Clip above.