Intervention: The Legacy Of Columbine Continues To Cause Harm

Last night's episode of Intervention featured Jason, a former student at Columbine High School. His addiction to drugs spiraled out of control when he learned that the students responsible for the massacre specifically accused him of being a bully.

Jason was a jock, and readily admitted that he was a bully in high school. He found out that his name was on the "white hat" list — a rundown of jocks and bullies who were targeted in the attack — compiled by mass murderers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. For the past 10 years, Jason has believed that he, in part, caused the Columbine massacre, and used intravenous drugs as a way to escape. Incidentally, his mother was so pained over her son's problems with drugs, that she would have severe panic attacks. She began abusing Xanax to cope, and after the intervention for her son took place, her family also asked her to go to rehab.



I'm late to the comments here but after reading what people have written I find it bizarre that this self admitted bully has recieved more sympathy and pity than the commenters who have been sharing their experience with bullies (in a general sense). I read a lengthy thread where a person expressed a desire to apologize to a past "victim" (which I found to be rather self serving in nature but I am jaded) and another commenter (a "vitim" her/him self) responded with venom. Everyone else piles on the venomous commenter and shows support for the former bully. Strange that the person who (apparently) is still emotionally scarred and expressing an unhealed anger is shamed out right and given no support or sympathy and no one shows any sign of wanting to understand that anger at all. People just shame the commenter outright as if some how you know better. And yet, frustratingly, the former bully is given some kind of "good for you" for acknowlegding an act that it is to late to undo or change. I was never a bully nor was I bullied (I used aggression to fend off any would be bullies as a child and it worked nicely) but I was a defender of those being mistreated. I notice now what I saw then, in this thread, no one will take the bully to task it is the "victim" who should deal with it and deal with it quietly and nicely. Sorry if its off topic jezzie editors but I felt I wanted to comment on the tone here.