Last night on Intervention, the show's subject, a college student named Jennifer, explained that college kids who get wasted aren't necessarily alcoholics. The 22-year-old then went on to reveal that she drinks her own vomit if there's booze in it.

I agree that a lot of college kids are lying to the "statistics people" about how much they drink, if this is really the stat they came up with.

Still, the dishonesty of her peers doesn't exactly validate Jennifer's excuse for excessive binge drinking.

As with many addicts featured on this show, and elsewhere, Jennifer has an incredibly tragic back story. A few years back, she got in a really bad drunk driving accident (she was a passenger) that landed her in the hospital for a month, and led to the loss of a portion of one of her kidneys. The near-death experience helped patch up her relationship with her 14-year-old brother, to whom she never had been close, but three days after she came home from the hospital, he was hit by a car and killed. She went off the rails as a result, and used his death as a way to turn her parents into enablers.

Jennifer thinks that it doesn't count as alcoholism if a person doesn't drink alone, so she'll find out about random parties on MySpace and show up, not knowing anyone. One question: when she showed up to this party, with a documentary film crew in tow, didn't anyone say to her, "Dude, you're filming Intervention?"

When she arrived at her intervention, Jennifer immediately locked herself in the bathroom, where she downed the bottle of vodka in her purse. (She also was in possession of Vicodin, morphine, Xanax and Klonopin.) This letter, read to her by her childhood friend—who had stopped speaking to her—was pretty disturbing and embarrassing for everyone to hear, most of all, Jennifer's parents.

Eventually, she agreed to enter treatment, but was kicked out after 47 days, for drinking. Her family and friends held the bottom line and didn't pay for her plane ticket home, so she entered a sober living facility. She's been sober for about a month.