Intervention Looks At Pair Of Eating-Disordered Twins

Last night's Intervention featured a set of anorexic twins. They've developed rules to always eat and burn off equal amounts of calories (limited to 300 per day), which entails making the same movements, and walking the same amount of steps.

Being fraternal twins, Julia is three inches taller than Sonia. Growing up, Julia weighed more than her sister, which helped contribute to eating disordered behavior. When Julia dropped to 86 pounds, Sonia felt like "the fat twin," and became competitive with her sister on how little the two could eat. As a way to control the competition, the girls decided to come up with their rules, and began mapping out what they would eat each day, so that it would remain equal. Their obsession caused them to drop out of college, and move in with their parents, where they sleep in the same bed and live their lives around their shared disorder.


At the intervention, the girls agreed to get help at a clinic, and seemed to be improving by the end of the episode.


karmasutra är svensk

I held back from saying this in my initial comment, but now I feel that I think I should say it because I'd like to hear what fellow Jezebels have to say.

I understand that yes, anorexia can be more deadly than bulimia and compulsive overeating, but sometimes I feel as though of the three, anorexia is the one people most free to talk about and accept, and out of all of them I believe that it is the most glamorized in the eyes of society. Bulimia and compulsive overeating are 'gross' disorders. They involve doing unthinkable things - forcing oneself to throw up and eating to the point of potentially rupturing one's stomach. As a bulimic, I realize I am biased, of course, but sometimes I can't help but feel as though we do not get enough attention. We do not get enough help. I am at a normal weight, yet I have an ED. For some reason, this tells people in our society that my ED isn't real, that I can fix it myself because I'm not on the verge of death. I acknowledge anorexia, I realize how deadly it is and how much help it requires, but I wish we could reach this level of understanding for all types of eating disorders.