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Intervention Follows Up On Huffing Addict

Do you remember Allison, the girl who was addicted to huffing dust remover, and insisted that it made her feel like she was "walking on sunshine"? Last night, the show followed up on her post-Intervention life.


The follow-up episode showed Allison working and living near her rehab facility in California. She had just received her one-year sober chip, and decided to visit her family in Rhode Island to complete steps eight and nine of her program, by making amends with those who were affected by her drug use. She seemed way healthier and has a sense of humor about her original episode, which is one of the most well-known in the history of Intervention.

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This episode terrified me. I'm live in Newport, and it was very freaky to see her driving around, so high, on streets that I drive/run/walk on every day.

I'm very happy for her.