Great news, people with weak stomachs! With Rick Santorum surging and frothing all over the polls and Americans wasting unprecedented amounts of brain energy to wipe the internet definition of "Santorum" from their brains, a new immature yet awesome poop-related neologism has been made out of the name of a Republican candidate.

According to the website, to "Romney" means "To defecate in terror." Use it as a verb, as in, "When I saw the Santorum, I Romneyed in my pants."

The definition comes from a now-famous incident when Mitt Romney strapped the family dog to the roof of the car on a road trip to Canada. The dog was so terrified that it shat all over the car. This incident proves that, Mitt Romney is a slightly more sadistic and much more powerful version of Duck from Mad Men, and now he's got a Google problem of his own.

SpreadingRomney is currently the third highest result when Googling "Romney." With a little help, a lot of links, it can be pushed up to number one. If you want to do something anti-Romney on the internet but Googlebombing isn't your bag, you can always join Dogs Against Romney on Facebook.

Like Santorum, Romney now has a Google Problem [Atlantic Wire]