Intern Comedies Are So Hot Right Now

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While it's a terrible time to be an intern, it's great time to make movies about them: Two intern-related comedies are going into production in the next year. The first, titled The Intern, will be written by — break out the white wine and billowy button-downs — Nancy Meyers and starring Tina Fey as the head of a thriving online fashion company that's forced to hire a senior citizen as unpaid help. The second, called Internship, will reunite Wedding Crashers duo Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as two business men forced to take internships after finding themselves suddenly unemployed.


The saddest part about this? No real interns can afford to go to the movies anymore.

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As the only person in my school who is not excited to graduate (no job in sight) and wants to get into the movie and television industry, I call bullshit on all of this. I've applied for about fifteen internships so far (all but two are unpaid). I would love to get an internship on a set or in the studios.

On a side note, how do people realistically afford internships? Every time I try to look up an answer, people always just give me the same bullshit about how unpaid internships are about paying your dues and getting work experience, basically, the long term benefits but nothing about how the hell I can afford to work for free full-time on a number of months. Is this option really only available to middle class folks whose parents can reasonably support them?