Cosmo thinks it hasn't gotten enough chances to tell you how to have OMG EROTIC SEXUAL CLIMAX-PACKED SEXUAL FUCKING TONIGHT! so it's taking its content to cell phones. (Yeah, there is nothing too dumb to be dumbed down.) The "Dude Decoder" is Cosmobile's pioneering cell phone venture, and it's all about recognizing the power of body language. Like the guy in this picture would be trying to signify that he is interested in that girl, if they were actually doing that in real life, which they wouldn't because in real-life those tattoos actually read "gay" and also, speaking of, we're decoding that this one is also gay. The ingenious thing about this is: Cosmo totally missed a huge business opportunity (I'm always trying to make you money, guys!) here: user-generate some of those pics!


Send us your drunk cameraphone photos — you know, the really gratuitous ones you take of you and a guy friend in lieu of molesting him — and with the help of Cosmo's new tool, we'll analyze the body language!

Image via Cobrasnake

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