Breaking! Mitt Romney changed his mind about something! Remember earlier this year, when a liberal commentator made that remark about Ann Romney being a stay at millionaire's wife who hadn't worked a day in her life? And remember how everyone leapt to defend Mrs. Romney because, to be fair, having five kids is kind of hard no matter how much money you have? And remember how Mitt was all, leave my wife out of this! Families are sacred things! Well, it turns out that back in 2008, Mittens was just fine with attacking the wife of then-Presidential candidate Barack Obama for not loving America enough.


Buzzfeed's resident embarrassing political video finder Andrew Kaczynski dug this one up from the 2008 campaign season, back when Sarah Palin's family was the family that was off limits. Romney was addressing a comment Mrs. Obama had made early in the campaign about not being very proud of America sometimes. Not thinking America is awesome is pretty much a mortal sin, in GOP town.

When I first made the following joke, I thought it was hyperbole, but as the campaign chugs along, I'm beginning to think that the most consistent thing about Mitt Romney is his hair.



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