Charla Lawhon was part of the original team of editors during InStyle's 1993 test period at Time Inc. She was later appointed deputy editor of InStyle in 1994, and became executive editor in December 1998. According to one Jezebel, who has worked for her, she is the nicest boss that Jezebel has ever had: down to earth, funny, decent. InStyle — EXCEPT FOR OUR POSTS ABOUT FORMER ACCESS. DIRECTOR ALICE KIM — does not have gossip or drama circulating around it, and for a reason: because it is a nice place to work, from the top down. But see what graphologist Sheila Kurtz says, after the jump!

At the very end of Charla Lawhon's last name, the final stroke of the "n" flies out high into space, a sign of a tremendous desire for attention and personal praise. If she does a good job she needs strokes and rewards for it. She requires someone to assure her how well she is doing.

The slant of the writing is somewhat to the right, an indication of a
personality that is friendly and appears to be outgoing. The final ending of Charla is strong, an indication of a person not timid about making decisions and taking action.

The writer is analytical ("V"-shaped letter formations) and she can research and probe for facts upon which to base her decisions.

There are enough needle-points in her writing (the "r" in Charla and the "w" in her last name) to signal a person who is a top-percentile fast thinker.

There is a left-side loop in the "a" of her last name, a signal that the writer is capable of fooling others because she is capable of fooling herself.

This writers' imagination operates primarily in the abstract (a loop in the "l" formation in her last name), which could be philosophical, perhaps religious. Her signature has a nice rhythm and flow, which may also be true of most of her thinking and movements.