The news has hit that "accessories maven" and poker-champ Alice Kim — with whom one of us has worked, and enjoyed doing so — has left InStyle for Nebraska (a state). But no one seems to want to point to her as the anonymous editor of "ViewFromTheFourthRow", even though there is lots of that real discreet pointing-into-the-palm and head-jerking in that direction going on now. Omaha might seem like an extreme choice for someone accustomed to one of those really fabulous media lives like the ones we live, but a few years ago another similarly fabulous person, Meagan Daum, did it as well. She blamed credit card debt, but anyone who has read her ensuing novel The Quality-of-Life Report remembers.... well, first they remember this really gross scene where a horse shoots a massive gush of splooge all over the guests at her dinner party, which was one of those moments where the "character" almost forgot why she had left in the first place: New York society was getting, um, fed-up making! Think "VFTFR" might share her opinion?

Can I please make one last attempt to have all public relations offices of major fashion houses NOT INVITE SOCIALITES? C'mon, like, WHO THE FUCK IS GENEVIEVE JONES and WHY DO WE CARE WHAT SHE DOES? And if I see Lisa Airan at another runway show I swear I'm going to call the American Medical Association to have her license revoked.


Why, yes we do!

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