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Instant Karma

Illustration for article titled Instant Karma

As a penance for stoning two dogs to death in his teens, an Indian man is gettin' hitched. P. Selvakumar, married a bitch (literally!) named Selvi, chosen by his family members and then dressed in a sari. According to Selvakumar, after he killed two dogs and hung their bodies from a tree, "my legs and hands got paralyzed and I lost hearing in one ear." An astrologer told him the only way to improve his karma was to get married to a dog to absolve his past sins. Let's hope Selvakumar knows there's another sort of animal abuse he should avoid; it's called bestiality. [MSNBC]


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Did anyone read a while back about that woman in India who married a snake? It seemed really sick and bizarre until I read a great article about it in this month's Harpers ([]).

It's still bizarre after reading the article, but there definitely is a religious and cultural context.