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In a bold choice for the network, Fox News will be replacing Fox & Friends host Elizabeth Hasselbeck, a 38-year-old blonde woman, with Ainsley Earhardt, a 39-year-old blonde woman. There they are, above: the past of the show and its groundbreaking, brand-new, totally different future.

Earhardt will start on Fox & Friends later this month, Variety reports. She currently co-hosts Fox & Friends First, which evidently airs at 5 a.m. She is perhaps best known for investigating spring break for Sean Hannity in 2014, where she found that the kids were drinking alcohols and having sexual relations.

She seems cool.


Congrats to Earhardt on her new gig and to Fox for trying something brand-new.

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Earhardt, Hasselbeck, and a third person. Screenshot via YouTube/Ned Yates

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