A veterinarian in New York has compiled a top ten list of the items pets swallow the most, and socks are number one. Next comes underwear, pantyhose and, uh, rocks. "It tends to be things that smell like the owners," says Dr. Jennifer Mlekoday. "They start playing with them and then they wind up swallowing them." The New York Daily News has a fun X-ray slide show to accompany this story, and some of the stuff lodged inside the puppies is insane:Knives! Needles! A pencil, a safety pin, coins, jewelry and a rubber duck. Oh, and there's the snake who swallowed a golf ball. Probably thought it was an egg. When I was younger, we had a family cat who liked to chew underwear. Dirty underwear. Specifically the crotch. Anna says her cats are the opposite: "When they see dirty socks or underwear on the floor, they walk by and cover it up, like it's something gross in a litter box." My family has had lots of different dogs, and not one of them has ingested a pair of socks or a rubber duck. Have any of you had pups with odd appetites (and, one assumes, subsequent tummy aches)?

(Aside: Check out this display at the Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri. It's an imaginative arrangement of 1,446 items swallowed by a HUMAN patient and removed from her intestines and stomach. She died during surgery from bleeding caused by 453 nails, 42 screws, safety pins, spoon tops, and salt and pepper shaker tops.) Bow-ow! Dogs Swallow Pins, Pens, Crazy Canine X-rays [NY Daily News] Display Of Bad Things Swallowed [BoingBoing]