Inside Kimora Lee Simmons's Diamond-Filled "Satellite" Closet

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The hourglass Simmons keeps in her wardrobe is filled with "over 5000 little diamonds. And they're real." ("Over 5000 cubic zirconias" doesn't have the same ring.) This, her "satellite closet," she warns is only "a smaller version of the Mothership."


The junior closet still counts at least eight or so Hermès Birkins (including an off-white one Simmons refers to as her "gardening bag"), an haut à courroies for good measure, a tiny, gold-plated Chanel purse, and a dozen or more Louis Vuitton handbags of varying sizes, including several done in metallicised leather that she introduces as a family. She likes to use Mommy Bag at the beach.

Diamonds seem to be a theme — Simmons has diamonds on her closet hooks, and her copious collection of Hello Kitty merchandise includes a necklace where Kitty herself wears a diamond crown. Simmons explains her family situation thusly: "I have, like, one and a half husbands. Djimon's the one, and Russell is a half. So I say I have the ex, and the next." How open-minded.

Closet Confessions Featuring Kimora Lee Simmons



I couldn't watch the video but I already feel guilty (sometimes literally sick to my stomach guilty) about the sheer volume of clothing that I own; enough that somethings hang in my closet unworn with the tags still on. And I think, WTF am I doing? I could be donating to the Nature Conservancy or any number of animal rescues or anti-human trafficking networks, etc. For me there is a high associated with buying clothes, it's similar to binge eating... really I'm trying to fill some void inside me and at the time of purchase it always feel like having just the right dress is going to make my life complete (and then of course, there's always something else). Yes, I need help.