The New York Times "Thursday Styles" section has always been a repository for ridiculous trend pieces about the über-wealthy (see the entire oeuvre of Alex Kuczynski ), but the piece in today's edition about Exeter grad Allison Storr is even more outrageous than the usual paean to $1,000 socks. Storr is a "personal manager," which means CEOs, real estate barons and corporate lawyers pay her to choose their wardrobes, tastes and friends. Because they're way too busy and important to spend time on piddling things like interpersonal relationships. Anyway! Storr earns $4,000 to $10,000 a month to be a "personal decider in nearly all things lifestyle-related" for the rich and stupid. The best part of the article, though, is the description of a party Storr planned for a partner in a top shelf NYC law firm. "Last summer, Ms. Storr organized an '80s theme party at the lawyer's house in the Hamptons for about 200 of his friends, with a $5,000 budget," frequent wealth-chronicler Deborah Schoeneman writes.

$5,000 for an '80s theme party?!?!? Um, the brothers of Beta Delta Zeta called, they want their party idea back.

"It was honestly one of the most fun parties out there," the lawyer said. "By now all my friends know that Allison works for me." In all fairness, most big shot lawyers are just overgrown frat boys with paunches and graying hair, so maybe Storr is actually ingenious instead of insanely derivative. She's laughing all the way to the bank with this racket. I have a really great idea for a disco inferno winter soiree if any of you CEOs out there are in need of a new "personal decider"...

Need a Life? She'll Arrange One [New York Times]