Injecting Bath Salts Causes Woman to Lose Arm to Flesh Eating Bacteria

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A woman who arrived at a New Orleans hospital with an arm infection left sans one arm, thanks to recreational injections of bath salts, an increasingly popular and incredibly dumb drug that no one should ever use, ever. Seriously. Don't inject yourself with bath salts, you guys. Good lord.


According to NPR, the woman first sought medical attention after a night of intravenous bath salting led to her have a painfully red, swollen appendage. Doctors gave her some antibiotics, and for a few days, things seemed to be okay. But then, the swelling and redness returned, and the woman admitted she'd used the drug at a party.

And here's where it gets even fucking worse: doctors cut her skin open to see what was going on in there, and they could see the flesh being eaten by the bacteria before their eyes. It was eating her muscle tissue! Her skin! They decided that the only way to stop it was to amputate her arm, and so they did. Worst party ever.


The bath salts the woman used aren't the sort of thing you'd throw in the tub after a hard day of minimizing your browser window as your boss walks by. Rather, they're dangerous chemicals that give the same sort of high as cocaine or crystal meth— because what America needs is a new thing that's kind of like crystal meth. Bath salts are sold under street names like "Ivory Wave" or "Vanilla Sky."

The 34-year-old woman is currently in rehab.

And that's why you don't inject bath salts into your arm.

Woman Injects 'Bath Salts,' Loses an Arm to Flesh Eating Bacteria [NPR]

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This is why everyone needs to watch Requiem for a Dream before they enter high school. Jordan Catalano could have taught this woman so much.