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Ingrid Newkirk: Even Blood Suckers Are Cuter Than Cheney

Last night, PETA president/Gaultier nemesis Ingrid Newkirk dropped by The Colbert Report to talk about one of our favorite topics — animals — and one of our less-favorite topics, sexism. (Meaning: the somewhat questionable practices utilized by PETA to covey its message.) And though Stephen Colbert didn't grill Newkirk on complaints that the organization is sexist and frequently derogatory towards women, he did get her to share that she would like Colbert to eat her. Clip of their encounter, above.


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@westvillagegirl: Yes. And from SHEEP pancreas. Bah Ram Ewe, Ingrid...

@SarahMC: PETA can kiss my ass. I friggen can't stand that group. Sure it looks like a fine idea at first... until you realize what CRAZY ASSHOLES they are.