Image via ABC/Palm Beach Post
Image via ABC/Palm Beach Post

Malachi Love-Robinson, a 20-year-old who practiced medicine in Florida without a license and adopted the nickname “Dr. Love,” will spend a year in prison for unrelated fraud charges.


ABC reports:

Malachi Love-Robinson was sentenced to the prison term after he pleaded guilty in March to charges of making false statements to obtain credit and of passing a forged document. He still faces criminal proceedings in Palm Beach County, where authorities allege he practiced medicine without a license and defrauded patients.

After his infamous arrest in February 2016, Love-Robinson—who operated a medical clinic in Florida as a teenager—did an interview with Good Morning America in which he defended his fraudulent practice by professing statements like, “I’ve never been a traditional guy.”

In September 2016, according to authorities, he tried to buy a used Lexus in Virginia by falsely using a relative as a co-signer:

He initially asked about buying a Jaguar, but was told the dealership did not have any left in stock, a dealership employee told The Palm Beach Post in September.

Authorities say he also used the relative’s credit cards to purchase two iPads and a cellphone.

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