Indonesian Girl Swallowed by Crocodile as Her Father Watches Helplessly

A 10-year-old Indonesian girl named Juraida was swallowed by a saltwater crocodile yesterday while she and her father and brother were hunting for turtles in a river, news that might lend itself to a comment about the circle of life if it weren't so sad. Lembata Deputy Regent Viktor Mado Waton told the Jakarta Post, "Juraida was seized when she was in about a half-meter of water at the river's mouth," and that her father and brother were unable to help her before the prehistoric monster disappeared. River mouths are one of those very dangerous aquatic environments because so many creatures congregate there to work their way up or downstream and eat each other. Villages found a piece of Juraida's clothing but her body remains missing. This attack comes a month after a young boy was killed by a crocodile in the same river.

10-year-old girl swallow by crocodile [MSNBC]

School-student eaten by crocodile [Jakarta Post]


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