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Indian Villagers Build A Road To Find Brides

Illustration for article titled Indian Villagers Build A Road To Find Brides

In Barwaan Kala, India, known as the "village of unmarried people," 121 bachelors are working to build a 6km road, because they say their remote location is preventing them from getting married.


There has not been a marriage in the village of 1,500 people in 50 years. Many families won't marry their daughters to men from the area because the village is 28 miles from the nearest police station, the government school has no teacher, none of the six village hand water pumps work, and Maoist militants operate in the area. Then only people who have married met their spouses while staying with relatives in less remote villages. In the past six weeks, the men have laid 1.8 miles of road, moving boulders and hammering them into stones to pave the road. Constructing the road is illegal because the area is in a wildlife protected zone and local law enforcement may take action against the men. But for now, they are focusing on completing the additional 1.8 miles of road that will connect them to the rest of the Bhabhua district. "We'll make it very soon and then we can hope to get married one day like others," said bachelor Sheo Kharwar, 28. [BBC]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Don't do it men! Once you get married, your wife will just nag nag nag, and then get sort of fat and become unattractive and stop giving you blowjobs. Don't you ever watch American sitcoms?