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Indian Sex Workers Learn Martial Arts For Self Defense • High Schooler Diagnoses Her Own Disease

Illustration for article titled Indian Sex Workers Learn Martial Arts For Self Defense • High Schooler Diagnoses Her Own Disease

• A group of sex workers in India have decided to take their safety into their own hands and learn karate to protect themselves. "I am fully confident now that I can escape," said one martial arts student. •


Kevin Miller, 41, has been charged with several misdemeanor counts of public indecency and menacing for his recent Borat-esque behavior. Miller dressed up in a women's swim suit and went around harassing people. "He said he just wanted to harass people to get a response because, to him, it was the thing to do," said Sugarcreek Police Sgt. Mark White. • Morning sickness drug metoclopramide has been deemed safe for mothers, according to a new study. Metoclopramide may become the first drug in the US cleared specifically for morning sickness. • The Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam has announced that Anne's diaries and writings will be permanently displayed in the museum starting June 12, 2009, the 80th anniversary of her birthday. • 47-year-old grandmother Julie Harter is the only female alligator trapper licensed in the state of Florida. Harter has been trapping gators since 2003, when her husband Billy, who taught her how to trap, died in a helicopter accident and Harter took over his license. • High school student Jessica Terry had been sick for eight years with vomiting and diarrhea, but doctors could not seem to figure out what was wrong with her. One day, during her AP science class, Terry solved the mystery herself: she diagnosed herself with Crohn's disease after examining a slide of her intestinal tissue. • The Times reports that the number of female truck drivers working in the UK is steadily growing. Naturally, the writer gives lorry driving a shot. • The Pregnant Women Support Act, which aims to reduce abortions by offering more assistance to women who feel they cannot afford a child, may be gaining congressional support. However, President Obama has not yet commented on the Act, and some criticize it for discouraging women to examine all their options, including abortion. • Valencia McMurray, a recent high school graduate and homeless teen, speaks to Minnesota Public Radio about her struggle to stay in school while surviving on the streets. • Seattle police are looking for a group of kids who knocked a transgender woman down, tried to steal her backpack, and use a homophobic slur. If caught, they could be prosecuted for hate crime. • This just in from the Journalism Junior High School Cafeteria: the Huffington Post is apparently mad at the Washington City Paper for making fun of them. • Researchers have found that some adults have calorie-burning "brown fat," previously only found in babies. • Sad: a man is suing, claiming the site post profiles of canceled subscribers as though they still subscribe. His suit says, "Match's policy causes severe emotional distress and anxiety for some [subscribers], including those who keep writing e-mails to one member after another and never hear back because he/she is writing to people who've canceled." • 120 young ballet dancers began competing today in a prestigious international competition in Moscow. • Get back on the couch: frequent vigorous exercise increases the risk of a heart problem called atrial fibrillation. • The recession is forcing two big strip club chains to scale back their expansion plans. • Nahide Opuz won a landmark case in the European Court of Human Rights after the Turkish government merely fined her husband for running over two women with his car and stabbing Opuz seven times. Now that he has served out his sentence for murdering her mother, Opuz is in hiding. • Awesome feminist band Le Tigre has not yet officially broken up, although by the sounds of it, they aren't planning on releasing another record anytime soon. However, Le Tigre fans will be able to hear more Le Tigre on Christina Aguilera's new album, to be released later this fall. •

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jonbenet ramsay snow

ughhhhh i wish [] would delete my freaking profile! i feel that guy's pain, except it's that i get a million emails a week from people on the site and i have tried every avenue to get them to delete me other than the legal one, he may have the right idea.