Indian Kids Become Workers, Wives

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More than a third of the world's child brides come from India, despite the country's growing prosperity and literacy. And 13% of kids in south Asia are involved in child labor, half of those in India. [Times of India]


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In defense of India: They have enormous problems and this kind of culture (exploitation of children/women/poor/etc) needs to change, but when I was there I noticed a real interest among the people, no matter their socio-economic status, to be involved in the democratic process. The poor and rich, young and old alike all took their democracy very seriously. It's an attitude I rarely see even here in the US, and one that is sadly lacking in a lot of other developing countries- countries that often claim to be democracies, but are not. There seemed to be a lot of belief in India that one could change things for the better if one tried. I hope it is an attitude that will carry them through the massive changes they are currently in and the ones to come.