The Independent Spirit Awards are sort like the alt-prom to the Oscars: The so-called "indie" crowd — plus mainstream celebs posing as hipsters for the evening — turn out to honor work that is supposedly not part of the Hollywood machine. As an added punch, ELLE sponsored the event, and I wonder: did the magazine also issue a dress code of mostly black and white? Even my beloved Cate Blanchett, left, seemed in less than top form: Her black and brown combo seems comfy enough, given she is pregnant, but her shoes made my heart scream, "Noooooooooooo." The full Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Independent Spirit Awards, after the jump.

The Good:

Justine Bateman: Looking good, looking like herself.

Kate Beckinsale: Looks white hot.


Patricia Clarkson: Love her.

Allison Janney


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: She's still pregnant, they're still attractive.

In black, Sienna Miller looks chic.


Ellen Page: Still sticking to her guns.

Jada Pinkett Smith: Still looking chic.

The Bad:


Is Maria Bello going into surgery?

Diablo Cody: Stop trying so hard. And so unsuccessfully.


Ricki Lake: Prefer her in tighter fitting looks — she looks lost in this.

Elizabeth Reaser looks like she got dressed from Forever21.


Keri Russell: Wearing her Waitress costume?

Emmanuelle Seigner is definitely independent. And definitely spirited. But I'm just not sure if it all works together. Major points for being hot and French, though.


Wei Tang


Agggggghhhhh Aisha Tayler looks rough. And what's with the boots? Oy.

Love Kerry Washington's skirt; hate her shiny yellow turtleneck.

The Ugly:


I'm beginning to suspect that Molly Sims is incapable of making a good wardrobe choice.

Ileana Douglas: Would have been better off in black and white.