Incredibly Wealthy White Man Unaware of How Actions Affect Others

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Jeb Bush released the first batch of what will eventually amount to thousands of pages of his emails today, and along with it, the personal information of what will eventually be thousands of his former constituents who did not consent to having their information released.


Jeb Emails was launched in the "spirit of transparency," according to the former Florida governor and probable 2016 Presidential candidate, who has touted his tech-savviness as a strength. But it's a little too transparent for Bush's former constituents, who did not expect that contacting the governor with their political concerns would result in having their personal information—including home addresses and email addresses—posted for the entire world to see. From The Daily Dot:

"I emailed Governor Bush when the state was going through the initial insurance crisis," one woman, whose AOL email address was among those in the database, told the Daily Dot. "I have never [given authorization] to publish the emails, but then [they] never said they were confidential or proprietary property of the Governor's office. They were just emails."

"I am fine with it on the emails concerning homeowners insurance," the woman added. Ones about "illegal immigrants," however, embarrassed her. "My feelings have changed on that subject and I wold hate to unduly upset anyone," she said.

It's not that Bush's technology team simply forgot to redact any personal information of constituents; TDD points out that phone numbers are obscured. And because many Floridians emailed Bush from their work addresses, it's pretty damn easy for an intrepid journalist or light stalker (same thing, basically) to physically track people down.

Sounds like Bush's new Chief Technology Officer and founder of Hipster dot com Ethan Czahor has much bigger problems on his hands than gays and sluts!

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Is Jeb Bush a thing? Are the Bushes still a thing? Is this all such a bad dream?