Incredibly Fat Cat Makes Me Feel So Many Things

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This morning the Today Show introduced us to Meow, a current resident of the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society. Meow weighs 39 goddamn pounds (and 10 ounces, for good measure). Meow's former owner was an elderly lady who could no longer handle the poor thing, who, according the vet, "was not fed a healthy diet, and way too much of it, and lacks a certain amount of willpower."


Aw. But...this cat is a thing that exists. I don't even know how to feel. So many feelings; I am not good at feelings! Thoughts that ran through my head:

  • Oh my god, LOOK at that thing! He's hilarious!
  • Aw, it's not his fault.
  • His arms and legs look so tiny!
  • This is not funny.
  • This cat is America's obesity crisis.
  • I think I'm going to cry. This is really sad.
  • Quit fucking crying at everything, Jesus.
  • What's this cat's socioeconomic background? Did he have access to healthy cat food?
  • I shouldn't judge a cat. I am not judging a cat.
  • Do they make plus-size kitty collars? Or do you use a dog collar?
  • Did Matt Lauer just fat-shame a cat?!
  • A cat that fat can't run away when I want to snuggle.
  • That cat must be awesome for snuggles. Like a pillow.
  • I am so selfish. I don't deserve snuggles.
  • Poor kitty.
  • That cat is just ridiculous.
  • Can a cat be expected to have self-control?
  • I want to help him. I should volunteer more.
  • Was "Meow" the best name they could come up with?
  • Shut up, Ann Curry.
  • God help that cat.



Does anyone have any suggestions on what to feed to a cat to help them GAIN weight? Our guy Herbie has heart failure, so he's always losing... he should be around sixteen pounds, and instead he's around 11. Per our vet's suggestions, I have bought all manner of (low sodium) people food for him, but he's always been a sort of dainty, picky eater. He has Activia plain yogurt, cottage cheese, tuna, carved turkey and chicken breast, and more on top of the canned food he gets. (Which is basically whatever he wants to eat to keep his interest piqued, so we cycle through brands like Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Max Cat, and so forth, basically anything relatively low in sodium and good for him) We've tried him on this Nutrigel stuff that has extra calories in it, but if it's mixed in his food he won't eat.

Realistically, I know I can't make him eat more than he wants, but if anyone has any suggestions for something low sodium and cat friendly, I'm all for it. Poor dude gets 10 pills a day and his abdomen tapped 1-2 times a month at the vet... I'll get whatever I can for him. (Our other cat, Milo, has no such issues and I'm sure would happily give Meow a run for his money if we let him.)