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Incest: It's Just What "Normal, Intellectual" Couples Do!

Illustration for article titled Incest: Its Just What Normal, Intellectual Couples Do!

If you haven't yet heard the love story of John and Jenny Deaves, the Australian father-daughter pair that also happen to have a kid together, haven't been creeped out enough today so let's get to that! John and Jenny Deaves, 61 and 39, respectively, met each other later as adults, fell in love, and ended up making eight-month-old daughter/granddaughter named Celeste. Because that is illegal, they're being watched by police, and decided to tell their story to Australian TV in a plea to just get everyone off their backs. But then it turned out that they were lying and that actually when Jenny was fifteen she went to visit her dad with one of his various ex-wives and then that marriage mysteriously fell apart, and that also, a kid they had seven years ago died of congenital heart failure. "We're normal, intellectual adults," Jenny claims on the somewhat mesmerizing video. (Hey, wonder if she read that other thing you get when you Google News search "intellectual" and "incest"!)


To be fair, Jenny's two non-inbred older children seem sort of convincingly geeky and articulate. And also, if you were going to write some sort of "intellectual" book about incest, "Deaves" would be a kind of decent surname to start with yes? ("Celeste" might be a touch heavyhanded, though.)


So, a lot of experts are interviewed. This incest thing, it's sort of a fetish! Genetic sexual attraction syndrome, or something. I thought you were supposed to be attracted to people whose genes were less likely to cause congenital heart failure upon merging with yours? Jenny says she found herself "looking at him, sort of going, oh, he's not too bad," and she calls their sex "normal." John says sex is "fantastic." And Jenny's mom has this to say about the two of them: "We used to joke he would turn up once every two years to spend a day with her."

Yeah, um, so. Think Jenny's got abandonment issues she's just too much of an "intellectual" to recognize? Or is the sex really awesome? You decide!

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This is really really creepy and I think both of them have deep-seated psychological issues. HOWEVER PLEASE LET US KEEP THESE VISCERAL REACTIONS TO WILLFUL INCEST. I know this sounds obvious, but it isn't always. This same reaction is often given to VICTIMS of incest (even as a kneejerk reaction from intelligent people who would otherwise know better) and there are SO so many. Imagine the unfounded shame a woman goes through after a rape, now compound that with the fact that it was a brother, father, uncle, etc and the nearly universal taboos people have toward incest. My mother-in-law was repeatedly sexually abused by her older brother and has encountered "That's disgusting" as a reaction.