On Ceremony: "A young guy crashes the wedding of the thirty-something woman he wants back." Hm. Is the age descriptor really necessary? Well, anyhow, the premiere was good!

The trench-dress goes glam — not to mention, haunte-boho.

Bryce Dallas Howard, meanwhile, is ready for the ball, circa '38. I love it when everyone's making up their own dress code.


Speaking of dress-codes, it's a tiresome trend for young guys who all be super "I'don't-give-a-shit-but-fine-I'll-go-to-the-prom-ironically" and it's kind of refreshing to see, well, a nice suit. Kudos, Reece Thompson.


Ditto Michael Angarano.

Johnny Knoxville, of course, has his own code of conduct. One that involves dressing kind of like Ellen on a Tuesday afternoon.


I guess you have to...respect?...monochromatic dun-hues.