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In Which Matt Lauer Says 'Don't Be an Indian Giver' on Live TV

This morning on Today, Meredith Vieira did a segment on Stella McCartney, which ended with Vieira handing out some McCartney-designed knickers to her cohorts, including Matt Lauer. Her attempt to embarrass Lauer with ladies' underwear was only mildly funny, and started a flurry of verbal jabs back and forth. In the end, Meredith tried to take the underwear back, but Matt said, "No, no no, they're mine. Don't be an Indian giver." Apparently the world-traveled journalist is just as ignorant as Kris Jenner and Jessica Simpson, who have also used the phrase, which is not only completely insensitive but trivializes and misrepresents a tragic era in American history. Apology to come?


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It's a common phrase in the English language. Most people use it without thinking about the meaning and origin behind the phrase.

Is it something he should refrain from saying in the future. Yes.

But I'll give Lauer a pass this time. I don't think he meant it maliciously.