In Which Kanye West Treats Kim Kardashian Like a Barbie Doll

On last night's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kanye West brought his stylist over to girlfriend Kim Kardashian's house to give her closet a "full style makeover." They purged her wardrobe of probably about a million dollars worth of designer clothes, handbags, and shoes, with the deal being that he would restock her closet with all news clothes—that he chose.


And while he did have a point about one hideous shearling and patent leather Louis Vuitton bag she owned, it's kind of weird that he got rid of everything else. It's like he's treating his girlfriend—who is purportedly a fashionable person in her own right, who has worked as a celebrity stylist, owns her own clothing line and boutique and designs her own line of jewelry—as his personal Barbie Doll.

But upon reviewing his cameos on this season of the show, every single scene is in—or even whenever he is being spoken about—he is reshaping Kim's aesthetic, from her clothing to her car to the angle of her ponytail. It surprised a lot of people that a star of Kanye's caliber would actually appear on her E! reality show in the supporting role of "boyfriend," especially considering what happened to her last Wedding Day Ken. But given that he's launching his own fashion label, it's starting to make sense now why he's so invested in this Svengali routine. What better way to advertise his "sophisticated" sense of style than on the show that has already established itself as an empire-builder and incredibly influential with women aged 18 - 34? And what better canvas to feature his art than one of the most notorious and Instagrammed bodies of our generation? Kanye is simply following the Real Housewives model of branding through reality TV. Except instead of Skinny Girl Margaritas and cookbooks, he's hawking his gold bracelets made in the Hermes factory.



My father was very passionate about women's wear. All holidays that involved giving gifts, my mother and I received clothes. He was up on the current trends and really enjoyed spending hours in the department store with my mom. It was cute. However, as much as he loved to add to her wardrobe he never subtracted. My mom was also able to ultimately choose what she got/wore.

Growing up and seeing that kind of love for fashion has inspired me in many ways. This just rubs me the wrong way.