In Which Dominic Monaghan Flat-Out Accuses Matthew Fox of Being a Habitual Woman Beater

Here's a blast from the past for Lost fans: Drama between Jack and Charlie. It began innocently enough on Sunday, when a Lost-addicted young woman named Becca made a plea to Dominic Monaghan — he played Charlie — on Twitter. She begged Monaghan to persuade his costar to sign up for the social media.

Becca wrote: "holla at matthew fox and tell him to get a twitter i beg of you"

Monaghan's reply?

he beats women. No thanks.

Wow. Now we've heard some things about Matthew Fox. In May of this year, he was on his way to get some fast food at 3:23AM when he was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Celeb DUIs are par for the course. But in August of 2011, Fox was involved in an incident in which he allegedly punched a female bus driver in the breasts and groin. He's also been accused of cheating on his wife with a stripper, and a blind item associated with him makes it sound like he slept his way through the all the strippers and hangers-on of Hollywood.


Wait, you might think, drinking is one thing, but just because he hit a woman once doesn't mean he does it all the time! That was Becca's train of thought. She replied to Monaghan in all caps: "I KNOW IT WAS WRONG BUT WHAT?! WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE GOOD TIMES YOU HAD TOGETHER?!"


Monaghan responded:

how do you know we ever did?you don't know either of us.he beats women.not isolated incidents.often.not interested.


Not isolated incidents. That's a bold statement, for which there are no publicly recorded charges.

As Monaghan was answering questions on Twitter in an effort to promote his new documentary series Wild Things, Becca wasn't the only one reading his tweets. A Lost fan going by the user name of Fate 815 snapped, "Spreading an accusation that EVEN eww-TMZ didn't make... How classy. Hope Matthew Fox sues you for defamation." And continued: "He knows nothing, he's just spreading rumors based on TMZ (!), hates Matthew Fox for personal reasons & bashes him." Another fan sighed, "I loved Dom but he just lost so much respect from me."


As for Monaghan, who is not exactly known for talking shit about people, these were last words (on Twitter, anyhow) on the subject:

It's very difficult to sue someone for speaking the truth.

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