In Which Dita Von Teese's Cat Gets Out of the Bag

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From a profile on Jet Set Pets, "the luxury travel source for pampered pets on the go":

"He has a Louis Vuitton carrier, which I had painted with my monogram," Dita von Teese says. "He's really smart and can unzip it. I have to watch him carefully. One time he popped out on the plane."


His name is Aleister.

[Jet Set Pets; images via Dita Von Teese]



This is just like that time I moved across the country with my cat in a traditional carrier and she cried at me the whole time while I sang Beyonce songs to her (I feel like she's a Beyonce fan). She was propped-up on a pile of my dirty clothes that I didn't get around to washing before the move and we were following a Budget rental truck. And I was like, "All the single ladies, all the single ladies, you put your paws up!"

I should probably go submit that story to Jet Set Pets. THE travel source for . . . oh fuck it. I am totally weirded out that this site exists.