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In Which Amanda Seyfried Explains the Advantages of Deep-Throating a Popsicle

Amanda Seyfried — who is much more enjoyable to watch now that we know that she always arrives at talk shows about one drink away from being shit-faced — stopped by Conan last night to promote Les Miserables. Rather than talk about that movie, however, she instead spilled details about her upcoming titular role in the Linda Lovelace biopic and the finer points of giving a convincing fake blow job on camera. Movie magic, y'all.


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Once, in a life drawing class, our model lost conciousnessin the middle of a long drawing and urinated all over the platform she was, thankfully, seated on. My (evil) teacher insisted we just bring her a glass of water and continue drawing. The, obviously uncomfortable, model decided to leave. I have been paranoid about losing conciousness in public ever since.