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Apparently book and movie phenomenon Bridget Jones has "put Britain off chardonnay," reports the Independent. Best-selling wine writer Oz Clarke says: "Bridget Jones goes out on the pull, fails, goes back to her miserable bedsit, sits down, pours herself an enormous glass of chardonnay, sits there with mascara running down her cheeks saying, 'Dear diary, I've failed again, I've poured an enormous glass of chardonnay and I'm going to put my head in the oven.' Great marketing aid!" Clarke claims that no one wants to drink the wine anymore. "Until Bridget Jones, chardonnay was really sexy. After, people said, 'God, not in my bar.'" And the truth is, the numbers are down in charonnay sales. But! sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio are rising in popularity. So Brits are still boozing, despite Bridget. Also: The books came out thirteen years ago. So maybe chardonnay is just too '90s. [Independent]


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A pox on all of you Chardonnay haters! I'm sorry it's not ridiculously sweet and fruity! I'm sorry the oaky buttery goodness is too AMAZING for all of you! I'm sorry if you don't like a beverage that bites back a little!

That said, EVERY crap label does a chardonnay. When you have more of something, you have a better chance of it being bad. There are good merlots, there are good zinfandels, but there are more bad than good, so people aren't going to give the good a chance very often.