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Let's say you finally got that no good pulse-with-a-penis you've been living with the last ten years to agree to marry you. How would you feel if he then decided to ask your father's permission? Would you feel all warmy and gooey because you're a girly girl and you have ten stuffed animals on your bed at the age of 35? Or would you be disgusted at the patriarchial assumptions and implied ownership of an outdated ritual? Personally, we'd be so delighted not to grow old and die alone and have our corpse feasted upon by our 30 cats, that we wouldn't give a toss if he asked the milkman's permission.


Still, over at The Guardian this morning, there's an interesting and quite amusing article on the issue. We like the quote from the writer's dad the best:

"I would refuse permission to any bloke who is wimpish enough to feel he has to ask me," he says. "And if he took any notice of me I'd think even worse of him."


archaic ritual or fluffy and pink? [The Guardian]

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