In the state of Victoria, Australia, last year's graduating police academy class was over 50% female, and other officers are not happy about it. According to a survey done of current police officers by the Victoria Herald Sun, "The feminising of Victoria's police force has been listed as one of its three biggest problems." Here are some choice quotes from disgruntled policemen: "There are too many females who put male members at risk out on the street...I have been injured three times in the past 12 months fighting drunken idiots and getting no backup from my female partner, who is too small or too scared to help...They have dropped relevant components to allow below-standard persons in." Despite a female police chief, Christine Nixon, Victoria's first, the percentage of women in the Victoria police force remains below the Australian national average of 31%. [Herald Sun]


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Sigh. Is anyone else reminded of that south park episode with the "future immigrants" and the rednecks shouting unintelligibly "DEY TOOK ER JOOOOOBS!"