In the Name of Jesus: Kirk Cameron's History of Being Awful

Perhaps you've heard the news that '80s sitcom star turned Evangelical soldier Kirk Cameron recently came to the defense of Todd Akin after the congressman made incendiary, and frankly nonsensical, statements regarding vaginal capabilities, conception, and "legitimate rape" as some kind of argument against a woman's right to choose. Anyway, it's not surprising that Cameron spoke up for Akin being a "good man" that he "respects"—after all, Cameron has come under fire for airing his own extreme, conservative views, speaking out against abortion and homosexuality. But Cameron has been talking nonsense for years. And he's really good at it! He almost sounds logical when he's making arguments that defy logic. Here, we compile his greatest hits.

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Um... I had no idea that Evolution had replaced God. I just figured if you believe in God then all the cool shit he reveals to you is just further proof that he exists.

My bad.

Also: fuck Growing Pains for giving me a brief crush on this dude.