In today's Observer there is a profile of Gossip Girl ingenue Taylor Momsen, aka Jenny Humphries. The profile is like most other profiles of the Gossip Girl cast members: it describes their gilded beauty, their "it" status, their youth. But one part stuck out to me. It's when Gossip Girl executive producer Stephanie Savage says, "With Jenny, there's that sense of a very intelligent, observant young girl looking around and going, ‘You know, I'm not as rich as these girls, and I don't have that leg up because of my family, but I'm just as pretty and I think that I'm smarter, so if I play my cards right, I can win this game." I mean, I live in the real world. I know that if you're very pretty, you are more powerful in high school and often, later on in life. But what irked me about Savage's statement is that in the Gossip Girl books, Jenny's not like that at all.According to the Observer, "In the books, Jenny is a short, busty, curly-haired gal who is constantly getting trampled on. The creators decided early on to take the character on the show in a different direction, Ms. Savage said. 'We wanted a character that in this journey of trying to fit in at school might actually succeed in her goal and even triumph over the other girls at some point." Yeah, it's soapy and it's probably made for adults, but teens are watching this and possibly thinking: it's ok to be poor as long as you masquerade as rich and are gorgeous. And anyway, Momsen, while as pretty and "coltish" as the Observer claims, cannot act her way out of a burlap sack. In the Blair vs. Jenny cage match, I will always, always be rooting for Ms. Waldorf FTW! The "It" Girl Of Gossip Girl [Observer]