Panasonic has developed this fancy shampooing robot that uses 24 "finger-like tips" to wash and condition your hair, give you a scalp massage, and then dry your hair. It looks a little wacky, but actually seems to be pretty effective—and it supposedly even works on people with long hair. For now, it's intended mostly for use in facilities where disabled or elderly people need help washing their own hair. But this video says that it offers a wash experience that's superior to what a person is capable of doing, especially the massage portion, which apparently, "is extremely relaxing and offers a degree of comfort that users cannot experience with human hands." So it can't be long before everyone wants a piece of the 24-fingered action. Step aside, salon employees, you've been automated. Though all of those moving parts right on top of a bunch of easily-snagged hair is a little scary—it's all fun and games and sexy robot massages until somebody loses a scalp.

Shampooing robot gives ultimate head massage [MSNBC]