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"In terms of 'is this book chick lit,' I'm not sure I'm the best one to answer that, or that I can say for sure that the book is anything other than a Jennifer Weiner book. I never try to intentionally make my books more or less anything...what books get called or how they get reviewed or classified or sold in bookstores is entirely out of the author's hands and has more to do with the cover, the publicity pitch, the marketing team and the booksellers...I just try to write the best books I can. Sometimes they'll be about single girls looking for love, sometimes they'll be about married mothers looking for a good night's sleep, and maybe someday I'll attempt a book from a guy's perspective." — Certain Girls author Jennifer Weiner on whether or not her new novel is "chick lit" [Trashionista via Galleycat]


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Mama Penguino

I feel validated knowing I guessed correctly that Jennifer Weiner does not get to pick her own book covers (Jane Smiley chick lit post). Petty, yet satisfied. I swear I'm not trying to high-jack, but must relate story from when I worked at a Borders Book Shop at the time A Thousand Acres was published. Smiley was giving a reading at our store and when no one showed up, she verbally bitch-slapped the powerless booksellers for the lack of community interest in hearing her read. As for the chick lit designation: from ripped bodices to women awakening, it's all good. Just read.