In Other News, The Waitress Was Apparently A LOLCat.

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If you bring your family to a Mexican restaurant in West Yorkshire, you might expect some horrible food. A receipt reading 'Thankyyou littell f*****'? Not so much.


Now, anyone who's waited table has had moments of thinking something along these lines. And when 2-year-old Molly's father claims to the infallible Daily Mail that the toddler was "a bit grumbly, a bit moany, but her behaviour certainly wasn't terrible" we can't help but want to hear the waiter's side of the story. Even so, writing this, spelling it in this fashion, and failing to erase it before handing it over - probably not a smart move for a restaurant's opening night. Especially a family restaurant with a designated children's section. Cactus Joe's agreed, and the manager responsible got the sack.

To add insult to injury, the family claims the food was bad. But we don't really sympathize on that head. Shockingly, the family refused the restaurant's offer of a free meal.


'Thanks, You Little F*****': Family Horrified After Restaurant Bill Makes Clear What Waiters Thought Of Molly, Two [Daily Mail]

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I'm not condoning what the server wrote, but I sometimes wish that I could write something to that extent on my tables checks when I drop them off.

People don't seem to realize that servers are SERVERS and not SERVANTS! I know the prefix might throw someone off, but one's perfect. And I wish people who have dine out for dinner remember that.

I could go on about the trials and tribulations of the food industry but I won't. Instead, go watch "Waiting" and then think twice before you bitch your server out for forgetting lemons for your cheap water.