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In order to make its line of trucks more "female-friendly", General Motors takes its truck designers to offsite events in which the male engineers accessorize with fake nails, heels and handbags in order to better understand what women want in a car, reports Feministing. "One guy on each team had to be Mr. Mom," says GM vehicle line director Mary Sipes. "We dressed him in a garbage bag to simulate a tight skirt. We gave him rubber gloves with press on nails, a purse, a baby and a baby stroller and some chores like loading groceries." [Feministing]


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Look, I'm all for GM-bashing, but what they're doing is actually a good idea. They're NOT trying to determine "what women want" -those are words the writers of the article used, not the folks from GM. They are trying to become more aware of the experience of using their vehicles -granted from a poorly stereotypical angle of what a woman customer might do in a day. Except that they didn't say anywhere that they think this is how ALL women interact with all of there vehicles, they're just experienceing how the nails-wearing baby-toting skirt-wearing women do. They also have special "suits" that limit mobility so engineers can experience what it feels like to be elderly. Something like turning to look over your shoulder or grab a seatbelt can be a real challenge, so the engineers have to know how to design accordingly.