In order to deal with the paparazzi problem in L.A., the city of Malibu has turned to that savior of the legal system, Pepperdine Law School Dean Ken Starr. Mayor Pamela Conley Ulich is going to pay Starr "to convene a group of experts in the media and legal community to help draft a city ordinance" to do something, anything, about the hordes that have already begun descending. Starr, you'll recall, was once hired by the federal government to convene an investigation into a land deal in Arkansas made by Bill Clinton and ended up writing a long, pornographic legal brief to prove that Bill Clinton stuck a cigar in the vagina of a willing young woman who was not his wife. We assume Starr's work on behalf of the city of Malibu will result in an in-depth examination of how much of Miley Cyrus's naked breasts Annie Leibovitz actually saw. [LA Times]


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