In news that will surprise absolutely no one, American Horror Story has been renewed for a fourth season (which could be Jessica Lange's last). But what will the theme be? WHAT WILL THE THEME BE?!?!


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Season 4 of AHS should be set in turn of the century, Gilded Age Chicago. Just think: H.H. Holmes, "The Jungle"-era stockyards & meatpacking plants, World's Columbian Exposition, the Haymarket affair. The American "horrors" could be labor/union issues, political corruption, and immigration/xenophobia.

ETA: I envision an immigrant family as the center of the story; a 'madwoman in the attic' matriarch, a Damian-esque child who is a newsie, and the incorporation of the folk horror stories and boogeymen from their (likely) Central European homeland.