In June, a Manhattan attorney named Roy Den Hollander filed a lawsuit alleging that ladies' nights are a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution. The New Yorker's Lauren Collins hung out with this man — culling such conversational gems such as, "The music's so loud. When I hit on a girl, I need to be able to talk to her." And "I tend to be attracted to black and Latin chicks, and Asian chicks." Despite Den Hollander's take on gender relations ("If [girls] drink more, they'll have more fun, and so will us guys. And then when she wakes up in the morning she'll be able to do what she always does: blame the man."), an attorney and NOW vice-president thinks he may have a case. "It probably wouldn't be very fun to go out to dinner with him," she says, "but, insofar as you've told me about his theory, I agree with it." Hey, guy, It's not the cover charge that's annoying. It's you. [TheNewYorker]